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We provide strategic consulting services across all the aspects of your business. From helping you start a new practice to analyzing and fixing process gaps, we hold your hand at every stage. We help medical practices and groups of all sizes to optimize their billing and clinical operations. We can guide you through the process of EHR implementation, provide technology and infrastructure recommendations and help you manage your resources better.

Revenue cycle management:

We strive to understand the day-to-day operations of the your practice and assess all of your critical processes, before making any changes. We assess all of your critical processes.

Some of the questions we seek to answer include:

  • How efficient is the scheduling and patient eligibility workflow?
  • How long are patient wait times?
  • How long is a typical billing cycle?
  • What is your A/R follow up schedule?
  • Are you credentialed and contracted correctly?
  • Are you losing money due to ignored or underpaid claims?

After completing the assessment, we tailor recommendations based on the specific requirements of your practice.

Technology and setup:

We provide technology and software recommendations to help streamline your IT infrastructure.

EHR compliance consultations:

We can help you stay compliant with ever-changing meaningful use requirements and PQRS measures. We ensure proper EHR software setup and conduct quarterly compliance checks and provide you with updates on met and non-met guidelines.

Human Resources:

At Medico, we provide customized Human Resource Management consulting services to optimize your resource distribution. We provide recommendations on resource organization and utilization based on the needs of your practice.


We are 100% HIPAA Compliant

We have undertaken various steps and designed our process to ensure we are fully compliant. With a secure network inhouse, clients & office records are temporarily stored behind a secure firewall before deletion and all electronic claims are securely encrypted for transmission. We ensure that all changes and updates made to HIPAA regulations are properly implemented to ensure the maximum security and confidentiality.

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